DK Evolved An Illustrated Guide to Evolution

DK Evolved An Illustrated Guide to Evolution

About Evolved

Follow the story of evolution! The illustrated children’s book is a beautiful introduction to the evolution of species over millions of years.

What’s made animals survive and naturally go extinct? Why are fish scaled? Why do birds have wings? Find out about the changing animal anatomy discoveries made by Swedish zoologist, Charles Linneas.

Animals and evolution are fascinating subjects to teach little minds. Discover the ways that animals have adapted to survive and the amazing reasons behind these adaptations. The illustrated guide includes:

– Perfect for kids ages 7+, with facts suitable for key stage 2 learning
– Stunning illustrations available on every page
– Many different animal features (such as eyes, scales, claws, hair and many more), as well as feature, spreads on topics like fast evolution
– Highly accessible text of a key schooling subject

Children ages 7 years and older will be delighted by the scientific facts in the wildlife book. It’s filled with incredible bits of information that pique a keen interest in the natural world, evolution, and the animal kingdom. The book highlights that evolution is an ongoing process and allows kids to look at the world around them and notice the continuing evolution of species.

Evolved also features more in-depth explanations of animal body parts, how they work, and how they’re different from other species. Children will understand how evolution made certain elements of the natural world unnecessary and others integral to survival. Explanations of Charles Linneas’ classification system of all living things are included and give kids, adults, and educators a fantastic reference to the magnificent living world.

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