DK Gods of the Ancient World A kids’ Guide to Ancient Mythologies

DK Gods of the Ancient World A kids’ Guide to Ancient Mythologies

Uncover the stories of gods and goddesses from around the world, in this dynamic anthology of ancient myths.
Discover 23 captivating stories of gods and goddesses from civilizations around the world in this book that introduces children to ancient cultures with colorful illustrations and incredible storytelling.
Young readers will delight in myths that explain the beginning of the world, the way gods helped humans, the divine’s power over weather and other natural phenomena, and much more.

Gods of the Ancient World is a perfect global introduction to the most fascinating stories about gods and goddesses from ancient history.
Further featuring:
– The incredible myths and legends behind each god or goddess with real-world art references.
– Illustrations bring each god and goddess to life for a young audience.
– Fact boxes call out key information to draw the reader in.
– A global look at mythologies, with Maya, Japanese and Yoruba deities as well as Ancient Greek and Roman gods.
Authored by Classics expert Marchella Ward, a researcher at the University of Oxford, this beautifully illustrated treasury of ancient mythologies is perfect for children age 9-12, with amazing real-life photos of ancient objects which show how people worshipped the gods through art.

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