DK My Very Important World (2019)

DK My Very Important World  (2019)

Hardback cover of My Very Important World

About My Very Important World

Bring the whole world into your little one’s home! This charming children’s first encyclopedia will teach your child about things like food around the world, the internet, different countries, and nature.

Learn all about the fundamentals of what makes up the world. This reference book has a story time format and exciting graphic elements to make this encyclopedia fun for children aged 5 – 9

The world is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is always more to learn. My Very Important World is a mind-boggling collection of everything interesting to get your child on your way to knowing it all. Full of fun facts for kids, colourful illustrations, and games that will feed your imagination. This kids’ encyclopedia is filled with age appropriate knowledge on a range of topics.

Little ones can explore our world and discover a world of information – from animals and people, to the environment. Learn how many animals there are and how they live and communicate. Find out about the Great Wall of China, the awe-inspiring Giants’ Causeway and even the beautiful Mountain of Peru.

Kids will learn about themselves too! Have a look inside for the answers to tough questions like, “what makes me, me?” They will learn about their bodies and brains, and how to name their feelings. There’s so much crammed into one place and it’s presented in colourful and engaging pages, with information suitable for young inquisitive minds.

Tell the Story of the World One Page at a Time!

My Very Important Worldis the perfect blend of adorable, simple illustrations with rich photography and lively text. Made for young minds to read together with you or alone and comes with a ribbon bookmark to pick up right wherever you left off. This truly is the ideal first reference book for young readers.

This educational book takes you on a journey through:
– Very Important Things About Families
– Very Important Things About Languages
– Very important Things About My Environment
– Very Important Things About Music
– Very Important Things About Animals

My Very Important World is part of the educational series My Very Important Encyclopedias. Complete the collection and learn more about the world around you, the animals that walk, fly, and swim, and the dinosaurs who ruled the earth before them.

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