DK Italian for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day

DK Italian for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day

Flexibound cover of Italian for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day

About Italian for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day

Help your child master Italian vocabulary – five words at a time!

Learn 1000 Italian words over a year with this Italian workbook for beginners! It’s an essential vocabulary builder for young children who are starting to learn their first Italian words.

Discover the perfect introduction to Italian for children aged 6-9. It’s the ultimate Italian lesson book for kids! It includes:

– Beautifully illustrated scenes that teach and test five words at a time. New vocabulary is practised again at the end of each week in two pages of exercises
– Clever flaps on the jacket that cover the scene so your child can practise what they have just learned
– Uses the effective rote-learning method to teach new vocabulary
– Teaches a range of nouns and verbs that are useful in everyday life; audio is available online and via a handy app to help with pronunciation

Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to develop your child’s cognitive and language abilities. What’s more, children gain insight into other cultures and their linguistic nuances. This language book covers Italian vocabulary, Italian pronunciation and makes learning the first Italian words easy and fun. Illustrations, exciting scenes, and audio recordings allow your child to immerse themselves in their Italian language-learning journey fully!

Italian Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day encourages children to copy the nouns and verbs related to each scene in the book, to test their knowledge by covering the words with jacket flaps, and learn one new Italian word every day.

The colourful, clear and comprehensive 5 Words a Day series from DK lays the foundations for your child’s journey in learning a foreign language, at school or home. Look out for other workbooks in the series! Help your child learn, practise and understand 1000 French words in French for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day.

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