DK图书 It’s a Wonderful World

DK图书 It’s a Wonderful World

Our world is wonderful, and it’s up to us to take care of it. You may feel small, but your actions can make a big difference.

This title encourages children to take care of the planet, but it doesn’t just focus on the problems—it teaches them proper practical solutions to the issues facing our world today. Veterinarian, author, and TV host Jess French guides kids through taking care of our planet, from living a sustainable lifestyle to using their voice in politics.Unlike many books about the environment, Jess not only covers how to take care of plants and animals, but also the positive contribution that humans can make on each other’s lives, too. Strong themes of self-care and mindfulness run through the book, and kids are introduced to activism. Discover how to reduce your carbon footprint, understand the importance of preserving our forests, oceans, and endangered animals, and learn the best ways to stand up for what you believe in.


Bright, cool illustrations by Aleesha Nandhra combine with photography to create vibrant, engaging spreads, and Jess French’s encouraging and instructive text empowers kids to look after the environment, themselves, and each other. What a Wonderful World is the perfect book to show children that being kind to each other and working together is the best way to start protecting the planet.

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