Spanish Workbook For Dummies (2022)

Spanish Workbook For Dummies (2022)

Spanish Workbook For Dummies is full of clear explanations and hundreds of practice activities for beginning Spanish learners. You’ll learn how to express yourself, ask questions, talk about the past, and construct simple sentences—en español. As you work through the book, complete practice exercises, get lots of writing opportunities, and have tons of fun. Then check your work, with answers and explanations at the end of every chapter. Plus, you’ll have access to handy verb charts, a thematic vocabulary list, and mini-dictionaries, right inside this very book.

Learn the fundamentals of Spanish with integrated grammar that advances as you go
Work through practice exercises and activities as you read through each chapter
Improve and activate your Spanish with explanations of each workbook answer
Avoid common mistakes made by Spanish learners and get ready to travel, chat with friends, or interact with colleagues

This friendly Dummies workbook is perfect for beginners of all ages. If you’re looking to get started with Spanish, step right in—we’ve got the practice, practice, practice you need to succeed.

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