Writing in English: Step by Step (2022)

Writing in English: Step by Step (2022)

This book was written for ESL students whose written work looks like this:”It was a busy day at the store. She was a talk on the phone. She not want buy candy for child. He wasn t early his date, he buy eggs but his child she play.”

In this book, students progress slowly and methodically, with ample practice each step of the way. The book starts with the basics the difference between a word, sentence, and paragraph; the difference between a paragraph and a list; how to distinguish complete from incomplete sentences and moves forward from there. Students shed bad usage and punctuation habits early as they learn to edit their work and progress from writing simple paragraphs to writing paragraphs with more varied and complex sentences.

This book s methodology is simple; each chapter includes short lessons in grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics that students work through in preparation for an end-of chapter writing assignment that, in most cases, is based on a personal experience.

The audience for this book is ESL students at the low intermediate level as well as native English speakers who, for whatever reason, didn t master rudimentary writing skills. It assumes students have been exposed to basic English grammar, including knowledge of subject pronouns, possessive adjectives, preposition of time and place, and simple present and present continuous verbs.

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