Play and Learn with Mr Green | Levels: 1-2-3-4

Play and Learn with Mr Green | Levels: 1-2-3-4


The 4 volumes Play and Learn with Mr Green contain games and activities to review and deepen the English language program of the Primary School. Each volume is divided into thematic sections which constitute both a revision of the linguistic material dealt with in class and an extension of the vocabulary. In this way, every child will find in the pages of Play and Learn with Mr Green what they need most:

• a consolidation for those who feel insecure about certain topics or for those who want more exercise;
• an in-depth study for those who feel the need to expand their knowledge.

The volumes, designed to be used independently by each child, constitute a valid aid that can be used both during the school year and during the summer holidays.

In Play and Learn with Mr Green 3 and 4 there are Learning to Learn pages that initiate children to undertake the self-learning path in a gradual and engaging way.


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